SAP Security

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Organizations using SAP as their business application or ERP/ERM system often store their most critical assets, including intellectual properties within SAP. This data must be protected against unauthorized access originating from both outside and within the organization. SAP systems require extensive protection and security monitoring as business-critical systems.
SAP (Systems Applications and Products) Security is a means to protect your company’s data and systems by monitoring and controlling access both internally and externally. SAP Systems are a type of ERP/ERM software used widely by all kinds of businesses across a variety of industries.

There are various aspects to SAP Security, such as infrastructure security, network security, operating system security, and database security. Another layer involves the secure code, which includes maintaining SAP code and security in custom code.

Our programs are attended by industry executives, managers and staff of Banks, Federal Parastatals, Telecom companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, ETC. We adopt a proactive approach utilizing our international exposure to develop and design open training programs that focus on specific issues facing our clientele. Our training services range from standard, customized and private. We also provide software application (SAP) support to our clients.

A secure setup of SAP servers is essential to keep your business’s private information safe and out of the hands of cyber attackers. It covers the secure configuration of a server, enablement of security logging, security in terms of system communication, and data security. Users and authorizations are also critically monitored and tracked.
Given the complicated and interconnected nature of SAP systems, there is a lot that goes into maintaining their security.

Overview of the different aspects involved in SAP Security:

Infrastructure security
Network security
Operating system security
Database security
Secure code ABAP/4
Configuration of a server
Enablement of security logging
System communication

The Most Common Uses of SAP Security Are:

Avoiding exploitation and fraud
Ensuring data integrity
Identifying unauthorized access
Continuous and automated audits
Detecting data leaks
Centralizing security monitoring